Artist/Writer, ZYNC Signing


Armed with an endless vault of rap beats and an extensive musical catalog spanning over two decades, the Minneapolis producer’s classic sound has generally taken on an epic, hard-hitting, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach – inspired largely by production crews like Atlanta’s Dungeon Family and New York’s Bomb Squad. He’s collaborated with everyone from reigning rap queen Lizzo, bluegrass heavyweights Trampled By Turtles, storied supergroup GAYNGS, East Coast indie-rockers Speedy Ortiz, and the Grammy-winning Minnesota Orchestra, all while continuing to build and create with life-long comrades from his own Doomtree artist collective like Sims, Dessa, P.O.S, and Shredders.

Much has changed in the seven years since Lazerbeak released Lava Bangers, and Luther’s drastic musical turn echoes the same life-changing experiences he has encountered in that timeframe. Now older, wiser, and a father of three, the producer set out to create a project that would reflect the ever-morphing landscape that he’s embraced in his 30’s. Whereas Lava Bangers’ 20 short, high-energy anthems relied heavily on monstrous drums, punishing bass, and gnarly horn stabs – sounding at times more like the fury of Run The Jewels or the Just Blaze-helmed Rocafella Records era – Luther finds him stripping every sound back to its individual core. Seven meticulously slow-building and expansive instrumental meditations that ebb and flow with a newfound patience and restraint rarely seen from the producer.