Administration Group

Amy Birnbaum

Sr. Director, Artist and Public Relations, A&R

Steve Nalbert

Head of Creative Licensing

Bob Squance

Senior Manager, A&R Administration

Kevin Thompson

Senior Director, Creative Licensing

Maddy Evans

Senior Director, Head of Administration

Amanda Hruska

Senior Director, Head of Administration – Nashville

Trey Wehrmeyer

Manager, Royalty Services

Chelsea Grim

Manager, Administration

Rebecca Turner

Senior Director, Head Of Royalty Services

Emily Corter

Manager, Royalty Services

Ben Jones

Coordinator, Royalty Services

Sheida Mohammad

Creative Operations Manager, Zync

Robbie English

Manager, Sync Licensing

Michael Lee

Manager, A&R, Zync

Becca Luce

Director, Film & TV I Creative Publishing, Zync

Shelby DiPerri

Head of Film & Television, Zync

Rick Singer

Senior Director, A&R I Digital Strategy, Zync

Madison Norris

Senior VP I Creative Operations, Zync

Jackie Feibus

Director of Creative Licensing & Business Affairs, Zync

Holly Capodilupo

Director, Commercials & Creative Publishing, Zync

Kelly Ross

Head of Creative Licensing | Publishing Business Affairs, Zync

Mari Catherine Gillis

Coordinator, Administration

Klementina Milosic

Operations Manager

Lucy Bartozzi

Project Director, Round Hill Records

Michael Volk

Head of Operations & Business Development, Round Hill Records