Battle Tapes

Los Angeles-based duo Battle Tapes craft electronic rock that blends the synth-heavy nu-rave sounds of the late 2000s with the poppiest and most accessible of what Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails have to offer. Formed in 2010, the band cite Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, Soulwax, T. Rex, and Daft Punk as just a few of their influences, which plays into their meticulously programmed live show and cross-genre style.Their first output arrived in the form of the 2011 extended single Sleepwalker, which they followed with the five-songEP Sweatshop Boys. Their debut LP was issued in 2015. Polygon featured the singles “Belgrade” and “Valkyrie” as well as “Solid Gold,” featuring Party Nails’ Elana Belle Carol. In 2017 they released the Form EP, featuring “Last Resort & Spa”and “No Good.” In 2019 they opened the year up with their latest single “Weight of the World.” Battle Tapes have been featured on various movie trailers, TV shows and video games, including ‘Girls’ (HBO), Grand TheftAuto V (Rockstar Games), ‘Mr. Robot’ (USA), ‘League of Legends Championship Trailer’ (Fox Sports) and ‘gEN Lock’(Rooster Teeth).